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Barking Frog New Year's Eve Menu

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Barking Frog New Year's Eve Menu

Course One
Golden Ossetra Trio
shrimp. potato, brioche

Course Two
Encapsulated Oyster

Course Three
Wagyu Tartar
black garlic, spruce

Course Four
uni, ikura

Course Five
Exploration of Dungeness

Course Six
Cocoa and Greens

Course Seven
Winter Forest
venison, mushroom, pine nut, truffle

Course Eight
Shank Tamale

Course Nine
Beef Belly & Otoro
horseradish, wasabi, herb granita, grain cream

Course Ten

Course Eleven
Dry Aged King Salmon
popcorn grits, braised green, gastrique

Course Twelve
Candied Pumpkin
foie gras, a5 tallow cream cheese, cured yolk

Course Thirteen
Cheese and Port

Course Fourteen
Death to Chocolate


To make your reservation, please call Barking Frog at 425-424-2999.

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