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Special Events

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A Celebration of Women in Wine

Thursday, March 31, 2022
6:00PM – Arrival
6:30PM – Dinner
Five courses prepared by Chef Bobby Moore paired with wines. $250 per person. Advance reservations required by March 28.  To make your reservation, please call 425-424-2999.
March is Taste Washington Wine month and Women’s History month, so we have joined forces to recognize three outstanding women winemakers and bring you a special evening filled with food, fun and fabulous wine. Meet Mari Womack from Damsel Cellars, Robin Pollard from Pollard Vineyard and Erica Orr from Orr Wines and learn about their wines and how they broke into the industry. Get up close and personal with Chef Bobby Moore, Tyler Alden – Director of Food & Beverage, and Aaron Reeves – Sommelier/Wine Manager who will be sharing hosting duties for an informative and enjoyable evening.

Mari Womack - Damsel Cellars

Not all Damsels are in distress. In fact, Mari has things pretty well in hand. Winemaker and owner, Mari Womack began her love affair with wine while working in Seattle restaurants. She caught the wine bug early when food and wine pairings captured her heart and her imagination. In 2010, she began working in nearby Woodinville tasting rooms, including Obelisco Estate and volunteering at Baer Winery during harvest.  Becoming a part of the Woodinville wine community fostered her enthusiasm for winemaking and encourage her to dream big.

Through these efforts, Mari was able to meet several winemakers in Woodinville and became the assistant winemaker at Darby Winery in 2011. Now working on vintage number six, her wines continue to impress and she’s amassing a loyal following. It is with pride and passion that Mari introduces her wines to you. The romance, ritual and history of wine continues to motivate and inspire her.

Winemaker Mari Womack
Winemaker Robin Pollard

Robin Pollard

Pollard Vineyard

My roots run deep in agriculture coming from several generations of farmers. So I guess it was my destiny to end up where I am today with a vineyard, garden, pigs and chickens and pantry full of canned goods. I grew up on a farm in Iowa where our family raised livestock and grain crops.  The youngest of three girls I was my Dad’s shadow helping with chores, tagging along to the local feed store or riding in the back of the pick-up truck to check on the cows. My Mom was his partner in all things and both taught me much about the importance of hard work, caring for that which feeds you, taking pride in a job well done and independence. Anyone who grew up in the rural Midwest in the ’60s and ’70s knows about “walking the beans” the task of pulling weeds out between the endless rows of soybeans. You would start early in the morning when the air was cool and the plants were moist with dew. By quitting time the sun was beating down hard, your legs heavy from the muddy shoes and your hands were scratched and sore.
But there was also satisfaction in seeing that 80-acre field clean of weeds knowing that we were going to get a better price per bushel at harvest. It’s that “walk the beans” ethos that I have carried with me throughout life. I went on to get a Master’s of Science in Agriculture and worked for the Missouri Department of Agriculture. That was the beginning of many job opportunities that allowed me to see the world and experience food, wine and coffee from other cultures. After 30 years in tourism, wine, and economic development I made the decision in 2012 to strike out on my own hence the beginning of Pollard Per Se. Coffee roaster, wine grape grower, winery owner and weed puller extraordinaire.

Erica Orr

Orr Wines

At a bar in San Francisco in 1998, Erica Orr met winemaker Aaron Pott who convinced her that winemaking was the coolest job in the world. She took a vacation from her lab tech job at UCSF to work harvest with Cathy Corison while applying to the master’s program at UC Davis.  She was hooked and there was no turning back. Erica honed her craft working at some of the best wineries in the world: Rudd Estate, Cain Vineyard, Domaine Dujac and Yering Station. In 2005, she moved to Washington state and started an independent winemaking consulting and enology business in Woodinville, where she helped wineries like Baer, Mark Ryan, Guardian, Sparkman and others rack up 90+ point scores and now two Wine Spectator Top 100 wines. In 2013, Erica decided the time had come to create a wine all her own. The inaugural and limited release of Orr Wines – 116 cases of old vine chenin blanc – came into being with the generous help and goodwill of the Woodinville winemaking community.

Erica Orr

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