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Culinary Leaders

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Meet  Our Culinary Leaders

at Barking Frog

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Dylan Herrick

Executive Chef

What is your favorite go-to comfort dish?
Anything that is slow braised and takes some time to cook so I don’t have to worry about it until its time to serve.  This is a comfort dish for me because flavors combine and meld overtime and I can spend time with my family while it’s doing its thing in the pot.

What do you love most about cooking?
What I love most about cooking is providing nourishment to people in an entertaining manner and the science behind it all.

Denali Foglietti

Sous Chef

Chef Denali Foglietti

What is your favorite go-to comfort dish?
My ultimate comfort food is pizza.  Pizza for me has always been a nostalgic childhood memory.  A few years ago my dad built a gorgeous oven in the backyard, so the obsession had only been amplified.  There’s just something beautiful about the whole process of taking care of the starter, to making the dough and ultimately watching a pizza you made come to life within a few minutes in a raging oven.  This is my happy place!

What do you love most about cooking?
It is the art of throwing together simple ingredients with love, patience and salt to create something bigger and more delicious than before.

Chef Matt Kelley

Matt  Kelley

Pastry Chef

What is your favorite go to food?
Chinese Food.  When I was younger my family would order from the same Chinese restaurant and we would have a family movie night.  To this day my wife and I have a similar tradition to order dinner from that same Chinese restaurant and watch award shows.

What do you love most about cooking?
I love making people happy.  I like to surprise them with new flavors and ingredients that they would never try on their own.  I love to watch the food drop at their table and see their reactions to my creations.

Chad Callaway

Sous Chef

What is your favorite go to food?
My favorite go to dish would have to be tacos. Tacos are a delicious and amazing vessel to pour your soul into.
From wild boar to a delicious mushroom taco, you can create anything from making the masa tortilla,
cheese from scratch and any salsa. But don't forget to season them!

What do you love most about cooking?
What I love about cooking is having the ability to jump into a home kitchen and develop tasty dishes for my family
and friends. The ability to continue to learn and grow in this industry is a beautiful aspect of being a chef.

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