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Corporate leadership workshop with horses near Seattle.

Leadership Workshops With Horses

Get out of the office and into the field

These customized leadership experiences incorporate the transparency and honesty of horses to teach individual and team skills that transform your ability to lead and work together effectively. Located a few minutes from Willows Lodge at Epona Meadows Farms, Leadership Workshops with Horses, led by the professionals from Roam Consulting LLC, focus on how to develop emotional intelligence and leverage the power of trust within your professional team by interacting with horses.

Horse at resort near Seattle.

Custom Programs

This transformational experience pairs leaders and teams with horses to reach new levels of insight, teamwork and productivity. Your group will participate in a variety of activities with horses that develop collaboration, cooperation, courage and creativity among team members. We work with you to develop a one or two day program tailored to your goals, which may include how to:

  • Find common ground while valuing differences
  • Advance trust and mutual respect
  • Drive commitment and accountability
  • Communicate more clearly and effectively within and across teams
  • Move more quickly from conflict to resolution
  • Expand personal authority, presence and impact
  • Better engage and motivate others around a shared vision
  • Successfully face complex challenges and change initiatives
  • Unleash team potential to improve the bottom line

All horse activities take place on the ground and are accessible for team members at any level of physical ability. No riding is involved.

Horse at Willows Lodge Seattle resort.

Why Horses?

A team of people and a herd of horses have a lot in common. They both require strong leadership, clear, consistent communication and a keen awareness of the needs and goals of the group.

Engaging with horses in a natural setting offers an expansive possibility for personal insight, communication skill-building, creative thinking, thoughtful decisions and powerful action, all of which lead to better teamwork and leadership.

Horses don't care about titles or degrees, pay scales or professional status symbols. They have no hidden agendas. They respond to us in ways that are immediate, transparent, and honest. The benefit of learning with horses is that they have an amazing ability to resonate with and reflect back to us our authentic self. Horses are master coaches who can show us when we are:

  • Present or absent
  • Aligned in our walk and talk
  • Clear about our purpose and what we are asking
  • Pretending or judging

We will work with you directly to develop a custom workshop tailored to your goals. A few sample programs are outlined below. For more information: info@roamconsultingllc.com.

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership develops your team's ability to identify and manage emotional information in themselves and as a group to work better together. When teams are emotionally intelligent, they are more likely to excel in leadership behaviors such as adaptation to change, conflict resolution, and effective negotiation. With the help of our inspiring equines, your team will have a practical, clear understanding of emotional intelligence and its positive impact on your team's objectives.

Leading with Trust strengthens your team's ability to combine personal responsibility with compassion and respect for others. This workshop covers the 13 behaviors of trust-inspiring leaders such as demonstrating respect, creating transparency, righting wrongs, and practicing accountability.

Leadership and Horse Sense introduces your team to the silent power of nonverbal communication. This enlightening session shows how team cohesion is tightly linked to its use and knowledge of body language within the team– whether you know it or not. You will learn how to accurately de-code the silent signals of others and use body language that is aligned with your verbal messages.

Leading from Your Core™ helps you cultivate the physical credibility you need to lead with poise and authority. Roam Consulting partners with nationally acclaimed choreographers and Nia movement specialists, and the Epona Meadows herd, to help you and your team explore how movement and intention ground and center your leadership effectiveness.

The Language of Connection™ opens the door to storytelling as an essential communication skill for leaders. Roam Consulting LLC partners with professional storytellers and the Epona Meadows herd to help you create your leadership narrative and learn how to tell the stories you need to motivate, communicate and establish strong relationships with your team.

Leadership workshop at Seattle resort.

Roam Consulting LLC – Who We Are

Leadership Workshops with Horses are developed and hosted by Roam Consulting LLC, a group of expert facilitators and leadership developers committed to encouraging dynamic leadership and creating a team culture of excellence.

The trainers and instructors who partner with our firm have more than 100 years of combined business expertise and a range of talents from horsemanship to wilderness survival skills, to poetry and storytelling, to movement and dance.

We work with clients to design and facilitate complete offsite experiences in both traditional and experiential settings. In addition to our leadership programs with horses, we offer a variety of corporate development off-sites and retreats and facilitate strategic planning and visioning.

For more information visit www.roamconsultingllc.com.