Barking Frog Brunch Menu

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Brunch served daily 8:00am-2:30pm
Reservations are available Monday - Friday
First come, first served only on Saturday and Sunday

Please dial 2998 for Room Service and take-out orders.

This is a sample menu. Menu items subject to change.
* Washington State Department of Health would like us to inform you that consuming raw or undercooked foods may pose a health risk.

For Room Service orders a $5 delivery fee (plus sales tax) will be automatically added. Service staff will receive 0% of this added delivery fee.

We will gladly open your personal bottle of wine not currently on our wine list for $30 per bottle and $40 per bottle that currently appears on any of our beverage lists. Please limit your corkage to two 750ml bottles (or one 1.5L) per party.

The King County Health Department requires that all guests (12 years and over) show proof of Covid-19 vaccination or negative Covid test (excluding in-home tests) taken within 72 hours

Due to limited seating, please limit your dining experience to 90 minutes so that we may accommodate all dining requests. Thank you for your understanding.

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