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Ropes course at near Seattle resort.

Aerial Adventure Park at Willows Lodge

With Willows Lodge as the host and the beauty of the Woodinville Valley as the backdrop, we're certain that a memorable and exciting experience is in store for your whole group. No matter what the season, we will work with you to provide a program that best suits your needs.

The Art of Play People have been playing since time became time. Scholars and scientists agree that play exists for social and learning purposes …. imagining, pretending, having fun… Somewhere inside each of us, we are rewarded by play and we reward ourselves with play. It feels good, it makes us smile, it helps us enjoy our friendships and create new ones. It teaches us about how we go about being. At Adventura, we help people actively explore and share their unique ways of seeing the world—while having a whole lot of fun in the process!

Aerial rope course near Seattle resort.

People love to play and have fun together.

At Adventura, we do everything we can to encourage this kind of behavior. From family adventures to recreational group outings... We offer a variety of playful options in the Puget Sound area.

Rope course near Seattle area resort.

Come experience a playful adventure designed just for the fun of it.

The whole idea is to create an experience that challenges people to look at themselves, interact with peers, friends, family members, and strengthen themselves and their relationships, all while playing.

Team building aerial adventure at Seattle resort.

Weekend Playdays

Feel like climbing onto a jungle gym built for grown-ups? Of course you do! From the cargo net access point, through all the 15 challenge stations, including the mini-zipline, and the zipline exit, you and your friends are sure to get in touch with your inner child.

Team building near Seattle resort.


A powerful and unique adventure designed to expedite getting your people on the same page; exciting them, and building connectivity by providing them with fun, engaging, and memorable experiences.

The entire event revolves around presenting participants with a series of opportunities to engage, interact, and practice using their social skills together to problem solve, all while laughing and having fun.

Teamplay events can either stand alone as ground-based games or it can be combined with climbing on the ropes course.

For those who want to climb and for those who don't — there is something here for everyone.

For more information

Please visit www.adventuraplay.com to look over our program and event options.